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Como quebrar su empresa en 10 pasos

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: Cristanner

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4 Responses a “Como quebrar su empresa en 10 pasos”

  1. avatar liliana says:

    deseo participar en los diferentes eventos que tienen

  2. avatar Cristanner says:

    Liliana, gracias por el interés. Con mucho gusto te tendremos en cuenta

  3. avatar Hartvelly says:

    Yup, I think we’ll do just fine going after ‘Political Islam’. Might turn out that nothing else exsits. And thus that the concerns about 1st Admendment never becomes a problem.And we need to look at the discrediting and attacks against our institutions, and the enforcement of Islamic rules in society. This is more subtle – and more dangerous in the long run – than terrorist attacks.

  4. avatar Oshin says:

    Henrik R Clausen: It’s part of the Anders Fogh career plan. He cares crap about civil lieteribs and democracy.I agree and would further stipulate that careerist politicians represent a huge conflict of interest for their respective electorates. The EU is a rank example of this and even America’s two-party system has been all but destroyed by its addiction to the campaign financing provided by special interests.Once upon a time this sort of blatantly malign self-interest was named for what it was … TREASON.

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